What we offer

We support companies, organizations and individuals in change. For this we have developed a number of products and tools:

Quick scan

Quick scan is done to make an analysis of (complex) problems within an organization, often at the intersection of organizational structure, cooperation dynamics and culture. Based on interviews with involved employees and their managers, a report is presented on the diagnosis of the problem, accompanied with the main points of an action plan.

Examples of quick scans:

  • Greenpeace Meditterranean, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, on cooperation issues as a result of war
  • Dichterbij (care for the disabled), about the functioning of the top
  • Ten non-governmental organizations in the Gaza Strip to look at effectiveness in reconstruction
  • National Police and trade unions on design issues
  • Union for Volunteers Amsterdam with an eye to restructure
  • Council of State – Administrative Council looking at cooperation issues at the top


Coaching is a product, tailored to the situation and the needs of the person who enter coaching with a question. An individual coaching trajectory includes elements of change in terms of insight or behavior and is highly action-oriented.

Quick scans reveal where stagnations occur and help can be offered. Individual coaching can contribute to address stagnations in (inter)personal functioning.


Training can be about team building, intervision programs or tailor-made thematic programs. A training can be given at the organizational venue or elsewhere.

Each training starts with exploration and assessment. Depending on the outcome of this exploration, the goals and expected outcomes of the training or training-trajectory are determined in consultation with the client.

Examples of clients with whom training trajectories in the field of leadership, empowerment and future (corporate) vision were provided by Jan Andreae:

  • USG People – the Top 100
  • Greenpeace Netherlands and Greenpeace International – higher management
  • National Police – various regional management teams
  • Council of Regional Fire Commanders
  • Regional Security Councils
  • Child Protection Board
  • Municipality of Almere
  • Horizon College Noord Holland
  • PAX
  • Department of Defense 
  • Royal Military Police

Guided Intervision

Guided Intervision is a structured method for systematically investigating questions and problems related to personal functioning in the work. The focus here is on quality improvement (product and result), well-being (involvement and communication) and result orientation. Acknowledging the value of mutual (collegial) advice from an equal position is a starting point.

Reflection Days

Reflection Days. Being caught up in daily routines does not always offer sufficient opportunity for reflection on work, one’s individual functioning and own ambitions, policy or dealings with colleagues.

Important elements during reflection days are gaining insight, real reflecting, having the courage to look at the shadow side of one’s own functioning and mapping the tolerance zones for dysfunction.

Based on the outcomes of reflection days, participants can make decisions about how to create new realities in their daily work and collaborations.

Seminars / Work Conferences

Seminars / Work Conferences are intended for larger groups (of a maximum of 1,000 participants) from the same organization who want to explore and deepen a shared theme, with the aim of promoting expertise or supporting organizational change.

Work conferences can include elements such as lectures, workshops and include more playful working formats such as theater, music and dance. Jan Andreae works exclusively with qualified professionals in their respective field.

Seminars / work conferences that were organized by Jan Andreae:

  • Achmea SZ
  • the Need for Peace
  • Dutch Association of Counselors
  • ‘Re-Thinking Healthcare’ with the Bert Hellinger Institute
  • ‘Beyond the Knot’  – Jeugdzorg Nederland  (Youth Care) with the Bert Hellinger Institute

Theater Productions

Theater Productions. Together with partners, we can make presentations on substantive themes that are explored through music, dance and short movies.

In recent years for example, we have made representations about social issues such as: diversity, migration, leadership, sustainability and dealing with the challenges of the current era.

Organizational Constellations

Organization Constellations. An organization constellation  provides insight and can provide answers to questions such as:

  • where do the power dynamics come from?
  • why is there so much dissatisfaction among people?
  • how are corridors created and how do you break them?
  • why do we not get a grip on the development of the organization?

Questions like these are not easy to answer. When talking and thinking does not offer a solution, an organization set-up can offer surprising insights.

Also see our systemic philosophy under: Vision