Jan Andreae is a ‘change expert’ who understands that an organization is not a machine  or just the product of the relationships between the people who are working there, but a complex, dynamic and living organism.

By – among other things – scans, training and coaching, we offer each participant an opportunity to reconnect with his or her inspiration and from this to contribute to the own organization.

Central concepts are:

  • personal and inspiring leadership,
  • entrepreneurial spirit at every place in the organization,
  • responsibility through involvement.

When it comes to the connection between individual and organization, Jan Andreae achieves exceptional results. They become visible in motivation, job satisfaction and collaboration.

We are constantly researching the link between leadership and social developments. Leadership that is not connected to its social environment loses confidence and legitimacy.

Jan Andreae focuses on strengthening the organizational system as a whole. He looks deeply at how the autopoietic (self-generating), adaptive and transcending capacity of organizations can be strengthened.