Jan Andreae’s work is based on a systemic approach towards organizations and situations.

There are three laws or basic principles in every system, organization, team, department or collective:

  • Connection – everyone is entitled to a place in the system.
  • Order – there is a ranking order in every system.
  • Balance – every system seeks balance.

When these principles get stuck, a dynamic is created that is aimed at removing the deadlock. If that fails, symptoms such as reactivity and rigidity emerge. Jan Andreae encourages people to get moving, which often means translating new insights into concrete behavior. This process is demanding and participants encounter their own obstacles and resistance. We help to investigate and tackle these opposing forces in order to pave the way for new possibilities and ambitions.

Change-strategies will help us deal more consciously and effectively with the need to respond to our changing environment. Although complex changes in the world around us can be frightening, we do not have to shy away from it. They are not a disaster, but rather a sign that we are going through transformation processes at many different levels.

Changes offer us the opportunity to tap into new qualities and new capabilities. We are enormously challenged to deepen our consciousness so that we can relate more effectively to a changing world around us.