Our point of view

Our activities are based on a systemic approach of organizations and situations.
For every system, organization, team, division or community there are three basic laws operating:

  • Attachment – everybody has the right to a place in the system.
  • Order – every system has a ranking order.
  • Balance – every system seeks balance.

When the principles get jammed, a dynamic starts working to relief the system. If that doesn’t work, symptoms will arise like reactivity and rigidity. Our trainers stimulate people to get moving, that is: to translate new insights into concrete behavior. This process is very demanding and they will meet their personal hindrances and resistances. We help them to explore and address these counter powers in order to clear the way to new opportunities and ambitions.

Change strategies help us to respond to our changing environment in a more aware and effective way. Though complex changes in our world can be frightening, we do not have to be afraid of them. They are not a disaster, but a sign that we are experiencing very different levels of the transformation processes. Changes provide us an opportunity to access new qualities and skills . We are challenged to deepen our awareness and to relate ourselves more effectively to changes in the world around us.