What we do

Jan Andreae en Partners are professional change agents understanding that an organization is not a machine, or solely the product of the human relations of the workers, but a complex, dynamic and living organism.

Through – for instance – scans, training and coaching we offer every participant a structure to connect with his or her inspiration and from there to start to contribute to the organization.

Central concepts are:

  • personal and inspiring leadership
  • entrepreneurship in every place in the organization
  • responsibility coming from commitment

In connecting the individual and the organization we achieve remarkable results. Those results show themselves in motivation, job satisfaction and cooperation.

We continuously research the connection between leadership and developments in society. Leadership not connected to the social context will loose in trust and legitimacy.

We aim to empower the organization system as a whole. We pay close attention to how we can strengthen the autopoietic (self generating), adaptive (self adjusting) and transcendental (self expanding) capacities of organizations.