Anja Meulenbelt

Anja Meulenbelt studied at the Social Academy and adult educational theory at the University of Amsterdam. From 1975 till 1992 she was an assistance teacher. Now she is a publicist, peace activist and politician. Starting in 2003 she is a member of the Upper House of the Dutch Parliament for the Socialistic Party. Through the Admira Foundation, which supports war victims and victims of sexual violence, she worked in the Balkan countries quite often and with the Kifaia Foundation, for support for the handicapped in the Gaza strip, she is strongly involved in the Palestinian matter.

Anja Meulenbelt published over thirty books and many articles for a range of magazines, from the international bestseller The Shame is Over (1976) till The Plundered Country (2000) and The Second Intifada (2001). Her roman Alba was translated into German, Swedish, Finnish, Greek and Turkish. In 2004 she was awarded with the price for “Journalist of the Peace”, yearly granted by the Humanistic Peace Council.